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The careful handcraftet Artworks of the Viva Audio Factory in Vicenza, in the city of the greatest architect in European history, Andrea Palladio, are born not so much by purely commercial intentions or simply to satisfy a worldwide growing high end market demand, for an increasingly, true and engaging, vivid domestic sound.
Viva’s creations, on the other hand, are born mainly from an emotional thirst of the Founder and Mastermind of the Company, Amedeo Schembri, now 30 years ago, based on acribic and uncompromising research, that goes far beyond simple technique applications but aims to reach the mysterious heart of musical creation.
Based on classic but drastically revised and evolved circuitry, starting from the highest craftsmanship of all involved engineers, from some alchemical materials and masterfully composed threads in the three dimensions of the cabinets, they are unique devices like real musical instruments, tuned by ear, one by one, in the name of a more unique than rare musical research, that continues inceasingly and without any compromise.
And all this .. you can touch, feel, hear and perceive it.. in all their amplifiers, their speakers, their digital sources in a crescendo of emotions as you go up in the range of their products up to the sensual shaped Nuda speaker system and the spectacular and almost incredible stetemnet product, the Masterhorn, the flagship of the line of real musical instruments, certainly not a simple electronic product … but capable of transferring the real emotion of live concerts, magically reconstructed in domestic environments.
The formal research, as well, was addressed not so much to a stringent aseptical formal language of technical language, or to the supremacy of functionality over the external form, but rather devoted to the creation of objects with a humanistic, iconic and recognizable character, friendly to the touch and visually exuberant, smooth, sinuous, like a river pebble smoothed by the ocean waves and with an shiny musical, extroverted and exuberant character:
In short, like the inner Beauty of the Music itself, which over the centuries has accompanied the evolution of taste, artistic sensitivity and cultural heritage of the great european history.
Date: 2017
Type: Design
Status: Completed
Photo ©: BlueARCH,


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